When I got to BuzzFeed, the platform was very much  established, with a very young, large audience. I started out as a video curator, searching for outside video content to breakdown and post to the site. I then moved to the publishing and social strategy team where I led brainstorms for producers to figure out what kind of content to make to further our reach and, most importantly, make an impact on the culture. I ran the @BuzzFeedVideo instagram account and twitter accounts (1 million and 300,000 followers respectively), and populated the pages by making memes and uploading and reframing our orginal content. Turns out, kids really love memes! My main focus was to just keep up to date with the youth, understand their slang and speak their language. I'm pretty much arrested in my development and a total #youth at heart, plus I would be scouring the Internet for new, fun content whether or not I was being paid for it, so this was not a difficult task. I truly do love making memes and finding nuggets of truth that people will want to share with their friends. Great content is all about hitting on a basic truth that makes people not feel so alienated in such a fragmented world.